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Raising ABGA registered Boer Goats with a focus on Quality before Quantity! We strive for show pretty goats that grow fast and remain as breeding stock for a long time. With a dedication to breed and industry improvement we are working on developing a performance index that will increase profitability and assist with major decisions regarding not only our herd but any herd that uses it. Boot Jack Boers is extremely committed to education and the advancement of our youth. We host many seminars and hands on clinics to help breeders and youth alike have access to the tools to further their knowledge and open discussions to improve their operation. To learn more about Boot Jack Boers, please click the button below to visit our About Us page!
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Performance Proven & Show Pretty

Specializing in high quality breeding stock goats that will add high standards of production and performance to any herd. We breed our goats with careful genetic selection based on structure, longevity, and multiple unassisted births. Our performance is proven with high weight gains, ultra-sounding for strong carcass merits, and a solid foundation for performance indexing.
Our bucks are bred from bloodlines that we feel give optimum potential for growth and production. We use a strict evaluation starting at birth to ensure that all of our herd sire prospects are held to the same high standard that is required for any buck used on our herd.
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The doe herd is built on a base of select family lines that are strong and maternal. We believe that whether a doe is raising twins, triplets, or quads she is expected to wean a full set of healthy kids with a competitive growth index.

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Making The Grade Buck Sale - July 17, 2021

Offering proven herd sires, young sire prospects, and semen packages.

Boot Jack Boers Black Friday Doe Sale - November 26, 2021

Offering bred and open does, weanling does, proven show does and embryo packages.
Sales will be held on More Information Coming Soon!
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