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The Boot Jack Boers farm is located near the beautiful small town of Glenwood City, Wisconsin, just a few miles north of Interstate I94. We started our Boer goat raising adventure dating all the way back to 2006 and specialize in full blood and purebred ABGA registered Boer goats. “Quality before Quantity” has always been, and always will be our ethos!

We take great care to ensure that the quality of the breeding stock we offer for sale will meet and exceed the expectations of all who purchase them. We pay very close attention to structure, growth, and carcass merit, and strive to preserve those strong breed characteristics that the Boer breed is revered for.

In doing so, we are able to offer does that are highly maternal and productive, and bucks that are powerful and add a great deal of growth potential to their offspring. This also allows us to produce, promote and sell select show prospects that are competitive at all levels.

To truly objectively evaluate the performance of what we produce, we have designed a performance index. This index utilizes the raw data obtained from the ultrasound scans and meticulous growth tracking we complete on all breeding and terminal stock, as well as assigning values for maternal abilities, udder/scrotal structure and docility. Through the use of this index, we can not only rank individual animals on their own merits, but also gain a clear, unbiased review of the dams’ and sires’ ability to produce offspring with the highest levels of performance. The performance index also gives us a sight line to the individual animal’s ability to pass on those traits to their offspring and in turn improve any herds’ dynamic.

Our herd is based and built with a natural breeding program to ensure our breeding stock is proven to be productive and can function in all types of farm situations. Whether it's a doe in the prime of life birthing quads, or a young doe with her first set of twins or triplets, they are expected to raise their kids unassisted and with minimal intervention. We have proven that despite that limitation, our natural breeding program can produce stock that is highly successful in the pasture and the show ring. This has most recently been highlighted by the enoblement of several of our home-raised does and our senior herd sire, KMAR Get Back Jack.

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Our Mission

What Quality before Quanity Means to Us

Quality Before Quantity is a standard that we stand by! Specializing in high quality breeding stock goats that will add a high degree of production and performance to any herd. We breed our goats with careful genetic selection based on structure, longevity, and multiple unassisted births. Our performance is proven with high weight gains, ultra-sounding for strong carcass merits, building a solid foundation for performance indexing.

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We understand that goats and the goat industry come with a huge learning curve. We love to help make that easier to navigate. The late night “Help” phone calls are always welcome! We also host seminars and clinics that not only benefit youth, but also any adult that would like to expand their knowledge base. We cover topics ranging from fitting and showmanship, to kidding, marketing and breeding stock selection that often feature keynote speakers that are widely regarded as some of the formative authorities on the subject. Keep an eye out for these upcoming opportunities!
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